SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Democrat Tony DelGiorno, who is running against Rep. Sara Jimenez for election to represent the 99th House District in the Illinois House of Representatives, today announced a new resource for voters on his website: “The Truth About Tony DelGiorno.”

DeliverDelGiorno.com/truth answers the recent charges made against DelGiorno and provides voters with resource documents so they can research the information and decide for themselves whether the negative attacks by the Illinois GOP on behalf of Rep. Jimenez are true. It will be updated as needed throughout the final weeks of the campaign.

In announcing the website, Tony DelGiorno said the following:

Rep. Jimenez and her allies in the Illinois Republican Party like to cherry-pick information from my record and present partial information as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But, in reality, they’re playing fast and loose with the facts and hoping the voters don’t notice. It’s Illinois Politics 101.

It is a dishonest, deceitful attempt to distract from the fact that Rep. Jimenez — despite her claims to #lovethe99th — has consistently and routinely voted against the best interests of the people of the District.  The people of the 99th District deserve better than a hashtag. They deserve the truth.

I believe that once the voters of the 99th District read my answers at DeliverDelGiorno.com/truth, and review the supporting documentation, they’ll agree that the attacks by the Illinois GOP on behalf of Rep. Jimenez are complete distortions of my record. I’m prepared to defend my record, and if I make a mistake, I’ll own it. I’m not sure Rep. Jimenez can say the same.