SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Tony DelGiorno, Democratic candidate for the 99th House District today released a set of policy proposals to put Illinois on the path to fiscal stability and prosperity. If elected, DelGiorno would make advancing these proposals a priority.

“For too long, this race has been focused on the politics of personal destruction,” said DelGiorno.“The voters in the 99th District deserve better. They deserve a real debate about the real issues we face. My ‘Path to Prosperity’ lays out how I believe we can best move forward to make Sangamon County, and Illinois, stronger.

In his plan, DelGiorno calls for:

  • refinancing the state’s pension debt by issuing repayment bonds
  • put the popular “Millionaire Tax” before the voters for a referendum vote in 2018
  • allow voters to decide whether Illinois should adopt a fair or graduate tax system
  • mirror a New York program to encourage business development by pairing businesses with college and universities creating an education to employment pipeline
  • establish an independent mapping commission to draw legislative districts.
  • impose term limits for legislative leadership

“The only way we can move the state toward fiscal stability is by putting forward ideas and having an open and honest discussion,” DelGiorno added. “Hopeful thinking won’t move us forward. We need solid plans.”

More information is available here: www.DeliverDelGiorno.com/prosperity.
A one-page summary is available in PDF here: